The After Work Run

imageA time comes here and there when a man is beaten down by the daily grind and I experienced this last week. You look for some sort of joy and  a reminder to yourself that you do things to finance and fuel your passion. For me I knew it was for my ultimate driving machine that needed to be moved for street cleaning.

Upon entering the vehicle I’m rewarded with black leather, signature BMW orange gauges, and of course the thick chunky M-sport steering wheel mounted to paddle shifters. Push the button and all 6 cylinders fire to life and growls the sound out the dual exhausts. Right then and there I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick move.

I escape the city via Route 78 West and mash the pedal to quickly see city lights disappearing in my rear view mirror. Look ahead and the adaptive xenons are paving my vision into the darkness past Newark International Airport. Alas, finally at peace with Rodg- Is Anybody Out There (Original Mix) serenading through the speakers.

Its when a man is alone in this car and finally gets to stretch his car’s legs on the open highway is when he can be himself with no one to answer to or to be bothered with. Before I knew it I was in Somerset County and realized it was time to head back but this time 287 North. A highway that was once my Autobahn has been demoted to crater like pot holes, 18 Wheeler infested left lanes, and down right inattentive drivers. Disappointed as this may be I took the exit for 280 to maintain my flow back to the city. Set the cruise control, throw your head back, and let stress melt away. Yeah, it’s a car guy thing.

Get back to the city and tuck the car away. Hit the locks and hear the chirps. Look over the left shoulder as you walk away and think to myself “Yup, made the right decision.”


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