Round Valley



Round Valley. A name and a place I have chosen to umbrella the network of roads that surround the Round Valley reservoir.  I came upon this road by sheer luck when traveling along Route 202 and was in need of a fuel station. I decided to take a random exit and discovered one of Somerset Counties’ a marvelous piece of road.

Filled with farmlands, twists, and unpredictable elevation changes can make any sport bike rider’s stomach churn. I took the exit off 202 and dropped two gears,  being in 4th gear and screaming at 10,000 RPMS. It’s begging me to rip the throttle open and let the engine sing to the 18,000 redline.

One of my favorite features of this road is how each corner encourages you to push your bike to the limits. I felt as if I was Valentino Rossi on the S-curves with flicking the bike back and forth. The Yamaha R6s is my scalpel with its precision like handling. No music needed here as soundtrack of the bike’s gear shifts, engine screams, and exhaust bellows are more than an earful.


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