Lounging by the Hudson



This past weekend I had the pleasure to take my Bimmer out for a nice 175 mile stint down the Jersey coastline. A very nice and smooth ride down Garden State Parkway South. A thought crossed my mind when thinking of taking the Long Beach Island exit to snap a few pics by the Atlantic Ocean but of course a Saturday at the Jersey shore would mean endless amounts of traffic, people, and missed opportunities for that perfect shot. So, a cruise in the left lane through the Pineland Reserve with the windows down, system up, and driving shades on really put me in a sense of relaxation.

When driving on the Garden State Parkway, it’s always best to go after the morning beach go-er rush which frees up space for driving enthusiasts. As I travelled down I made a couple of pit stops to admire the Alpine White just gleaming in the sun after a fresh wash from earlier in the morning. Finally I reached the Forked River and refueled with of course Sunoco Ultimate 93 Octane I made my high-speed merge back on to the Parkway this time northbound direction. I smile as I see CBR600RRs and Yamaha R6s with screaming Yoshimura pipes weave by drivers with ever so illegal lane-splitting method. This time the drive is warmer as the sun is shining on my face while I thump the steering wheel to Deadmau5-Orca. A throwback of Deadmau5 2009.

Finally merge on New Jersey Turnpike North where I’m faced the glorious Manhattan skyline. Look to my left over Secaucus and see the sun setting. Obviously this would make a great shot for any Hudson County pristine waterfronts. Upon arrival I’m amazed by the sheer glory of the Hudson river leading in the One World Trade Center. The sunlight ricochets off the Westside Highway’s world renown waterfront properties really allowed me to soak in the sights and sounds.




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