Bimmerfest East 2014

Another year of Bimmers in Aberdeen, Maryland. The day started off rough with a 4 hour drive to Aberdeen due to the Express lanes of the New Jersey State Turnpike being shutdown and leaving North Jersey at 9:30AM unlike every other caravan leaving at 7:00AM. However, the drive was quite worth it with many different types of Bimmers there. However, sorry to say not many e46s (unless it was a M3). The day ended with a burnout competitions leading to of course Aberdeen police being surrounded by a riot of people screaming “LET HIM GO!” and shutting the event down 15 minutes early. No complaints at all and the drive back was exquisite as it was only a 2.5 hour drive with multiple BMWs on the road. I managed to keep up with Autocouture’s caravan for most of the time while seeing BMWs everywhere and invading Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. It was fun to see people hanging out of their cars on the highway trying to get the ultimate shots of the BMWs doing fly bys and cruises. I can’t wait to do another caravan. Enjoy the pictures, I think there’s something in there for everyone.


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