Pothole Damage and Run Flat Tires


That moment when your steering wheel can’t stay straight. That moment your car shakes when you’re on a freshly paved highway. You pull over only to discover your $1500 run flat tires are ruined from bubbles. It’s frustrating, annoying, and aggravating. Roads in North Jersey will always be this way. You’ll have to constantly shell out thousands of dollars in repairing bent rims and ruined tires. On top of that I feel run flats are utterly useless and would rather have a spare any of day of the week. I decided instead of putting expensive run flats why not opt for cheaper but better non run flat tires and save the extra dollars for new mods? Luckily I was able to find a shop in Newark, NJ to buy used tires which can hold you over until you can afford those nice sticky set of rubbers and if you bend your rims, make sure you have a very good insurance policy as I’ve utilized to have the damages to my wheels repair.


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