Practicality at its Finest


It boggles my mind how car manufacturers still don’t understand leasing has become more and more popular among millennials. So, as being the go to car guy amongst my circle of friends I was the lucky one to be chosen as a car shopping buddy. A friend of mine and was in the market of getting rid of his significantly abused Volkswagen Jetta lease 3 months early but had a tight budget in mind for a vehicle to meet his needs but also puts a smile on his face every time he stares and drives it.

He was in the market for a hatchback (Golf) where VW quoted him a price monthly which was laughable for a car that had an MSRP of $18k. Mind you I didn’t make this recommendation as I am particularly not very fond of VW. However, I did hear many reviews of the new Ford Fiesta ST which had more than enough equipment to keep a child preoccupied. Upon taking the FiST out for a test drive I immediately noticed the surge in power delivery, the superb brakes, and flick ability of the steering. After going to 2 Ford dealerships we realized this is a car that cannot be leased but rather bought as Ford did not offer any incentives for leasing.

Next up, I recommended we go luxury as residuals are better and stopped by BMW and Audi. We test drove the Audi A3. Fun car but still missing that sheer fun factor. Finally we headed over to Infiniti where I’ve had a long standing relationship with the staff and dealership. We test drove the new Q40 (rebadged from the G37) and instantly fell in love with quality of service, performance and luxury of Infiniti. When given the lease rate of a $38095 car we were in shock and jumped all over the deal. Lesson learned folks. Not all luxury cars are out of reach if you have a tight budget and leasing fits your lifestyle.


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