Why We’ve Been Hating on the New M3/M4

Sure, the newest M is fast, sexy and contains all the newest the newest technology you’d want out of the benchmark daily driver race car. But has BMW moved on from the ultra raw and balanced experienced we miss from the E36 or my personal favorite E46? The E90/E92 was the last of the naturally aspiring engines but I had the pleasure of driving a 6 speed manual one a few months back and I must say as much as revving that 4.0L V8, the driving characteristics and sheer excitement factor was missing from the trusty E46.

Now with the new F80, we lose the natural aspiration as well as the sound track of a mechanical V8 for a twin turbo charged 3.0L monster. Sure, this car is fast and out performs the previous generations but does it in terms of the chassis, steering, and handling. Though I have yet to drive one, I have my doubts.



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