Hit but Luckily No Run


On December 17th I went to my car to grab things I always forget to bring in from the night before because I’m so overwhelmed probably from the drive I had minutes prior when I discovered this. It appears my car was a victim of a hit and run however I did luck out when I noticed he police department left a note on my windshield. Turns out the driver lost control of the steering wheel and hit my vehicle. Pretty skeptical but it seems like she was on her cell phone. Her car was so damaged it had to be towed. Turns out the accident happened 12 minutes after I arrived home. In any case at least her information was left on the police report. Now my car sits in surgery for over a month now as the body shop and her insurance company figure out the details. The damage is a little close to $6,000 plus the cost of my rental per day. The bumper, quarter panel, drivers door, wheel, bearings and control arms were badly damaged.

Luckily Enterprise were able to put me in comparable car so I can complain too much but I must say I miss my 335i dearly and can’t wait to be behind the wheel again. But it looks like February 6th will be the soonest I can pick it up.


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